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From Minimally Viable To Maximally Buyable Product by Dharmesh Shah

There is no consensus on what constitutes the first version of a product worthy of a broad exposure to potential customers. Some prefer to test just the concept by producing marketing materials to measure public's interest like Ash Maurya did for his book. Others test a basic solution to the market problem with a "minimal viable product" (MVP), which is well explained in quotes from Paul Graham, Steve Blank, and Eric Ries. Others ship only the fully executeted product because they either are perfectionists or cannot change much once production begins, like it is the case with physical mass-produced goods.

Dharmesh Shah, founder & CTO of HubSpot, offers a middle ground that he calls a "maximally buyable product". Although he says it is the next stage of product development after the MVP, we believe that most of the qualities he outlines affect any product's success in the market.