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About us

Durable Startup was created in April 2011 to collect and curate information of what a lasting company looks like so that aspiring entrepreneurs could learn from the mistakes of others. When we review a company, we dig into its business model as deeply as possible to uncover strengths & weaknesses that will help or hinder the founders' quest to success. The articles we recommend are not generic advice, such as "be transparent", but specific techniques and best practices to actually achieve that transparency.

The project is setup in the best tradition of MPV with only the basic features, simple visual design, and some minor issues with browser rendering. If you see something broken or missing do not hesitate to let us know by any means convenient to you.

Startups for review must be submitted via the dedicated form. Eligibility requirements are there also (and we are very picky about them).

For all other inquiries, the form below is king.

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